Most of us love Amazon. Why? Amazon puts the customer first, easy, convenient, trustworthy, inexpensive, etc. The list goes on. Amazon is a pleasant experience and grabs our attention even when we are not looking.

From the minute I log in, my information is there already from the last time I logged on. I do not need to search for my credit card information or type in my shipping information because it is already there. The best part is that everything you need is right there in one place. With one search, you can find exactly what you need. When you find the product you were searching for, you also can view similar products or items that can be paired with what you are looking for. The excellent part about this is that you can also easily compare similar products or brands. There is also a chance to see what other users are saying about the product. All in all,  Amazon has everything you need and more.

If only searching for a doctor or medical services was this easy. When patients search for a doctor, they want to see a variety of costs. They want to see what other patients are saying. Let’s face it. A majority of these patients have little to no knowledge about healthcare. What they need is actionable information that will push them to search for the best quality of care and the most cost efficient. Similar to Amazon, the customer needs to come first. If trouble arises and the need to see a doctor takes place, the patient should be able to know what is needed, where the closest doctor is, and how much they are going to spend or better yet, save.

To effectively shop for medical care, patients want and need to know what various providers are charging and what is included. Out of pocket expenses creep up on us. It is better to be informed than in debt. More than half of consumers want to shop for new health care but their preferred method does not exist yet. Health Research Institute found that a majority of consumers are more likely to choose healthcare options that are easier and cost less rather than the traditional methods. A variety of healthcare companies and start ups have begun this initiative.

Here at DiagnosticWorks, we strive to be similar to companies like Amazon. We put the patient first. We can help you find the lowest price for quality diagnostic testing through our network of providers. DiagnosticWorks utilizes services from all over the country so wherever you are located, we can find affordable care for you.

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