Today marks the start of Men’s Health Week. All last week we participated in Men’s Health Month (June) chats and posted informative news/articles on our various social media channels. Men’s Health Week is a national effort to raise awareness about preventable health issues and encourage regular screenings for men.

Illustration of man scratching his headWhy is Men’s Health so important?

Men’s Health is significant because men are less likely to monitor their health than women and are also less inclined to report a problem or ask for help when they need it. Although it is not pleasant, Men die sooner than women. This is for a whole range of reasons such as bigger body size, greater susceptibility to disease, greater immune system challenges, and riskier lifestyle habits.

As a proven cultural expectation, men feel as if they always need to be strong. If they notice something is wrong, they might not immediately seek help. Men would rather fight it and hope the problem will eventually go away. Some men think going to the doctor would be admitting you are vulnerable. Men are also more likely to ignore symptoms and be in denial of their condition. Men lack awareness of their health and what could happen to them; hence the start of Men’s Health Week/ Month. Men are actually at a higher risk for certain diseases and are less likely to schedule screenings.

So what can we do to ensure Men become aware and take control of their health?

  •  First off, maintain good nutrition. This should be done by both men and women, even if weight is not an issue. The impact of nutrition on your health could actually reduce your risk of chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer.
  • Second, Men should get dental and medical checkups when needed. Screenings can also help identify illnesses in their earliest stages. Men should have blood pressure screening starting at age 20. Cholesterol screening at age 35. Individuals aged 50 years and above should be checked for colon, lung, and prostate cancer. If you have any risk factors, you might want to start screening earlier.
  • Third, cut out that nasty habit and quit smoking! Tobacco use causes more than 12 types of cancer as well as heart disease and stroke.
  • Last but not least, start developing stress coping strategies! These include activities such as exercising and relaxing. Take part in activities that make you happy! Working too much and not getting enough sleep are both unhealthy habits.

This June celebrates the 20th anniversary of National Men’s Health Month. Men, get out there and take control of your health! For more information about managing Men’s Healthy Habits, please visit

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