What’s trending in the healthcare world? Every day on the news there are new programs or solutions on the horizon making it easier for patients to gain awareness of the resources they have available. Most of these programs aim for patients to engage in their own healthcare and take control of their costs. Insurance Networking News says “Major shifts are taking place in the health care market which will lead to disruptive and constantly-moving changes”.

Recently we shared an article from the NY Times about how health insurance companies are trying out new payment models. Insurance companies are paying for care delivered in medical homes. Some doctors are actually opening up their own patient centered medical homes. Medical homes are groups of primary care physicians who coordinate care to improve patients’ health. The greatest part of patient centered medical homes is that fewer patients are being hospitalized. This also means that fewer unnecessary tests are being performed on patients. Most of the time patients are being hospitalized for unknown reasons and staying there for more days than they should. Then after that, the patient and/ or insurance company is billed an obscene amount. Are we nearing the end of the fee for service(plus extra) days? Insurance companies such as Aetna and United Health have already started to reward doctors for the quality of care they provide.

Accessing healthcare options from your own mobile phone has also been a big change.

stethoscope around an iphoneCompanies are coming up with ideas everyday for new mobile apps that could one day lead to less and less doctor visits. Some of these innovative mobile health programs have shown improvements in lower costs of care by educating patients and connecting them to resources. Health care costs are often confusing. Individuals are usually not aware of what they are choosing until their actual bill arrives. Companies are coming up with ideas to make shopping for healthcare like shopping for other products. Patients are able to search for nearby doctors, schedule an appointment with them, and even read other user ratings before their appointment.

Here at DiagnosticWorks, we have also made it easier for individuals to access their healthcare and cut out-of-pocket expenses. We are a national retail radiology network providing individuals affordable network access to medical imaging services such as MRIs, CT Scans, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, etc.  DiagnosticWorks will work with you to schedule you at a location most convenient to you. With you on a conference call, we will call the facility and schedule your appointment at a time that works best for you. We are able to give you access to affordable rates by reserving your payment before the services are performed. We are a network for everybody, regardless of who their insurance is, or whether or not they have insurance at all.

To find out more about our network of radiology and diagnostic centers and for more information on how we can assist you and your loved ones find affordable diagnostic healthcare, go to www.DiagnosticWorks.com.