frequently asked questions

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No, we are unable to accept medical insurance for payment at this time. The Customer may have the option of obtaining a copy of the diagnostic bill from the provider after services are rendered and submitting directly to their insurance carrier for reimbursement or application of bill to deductible, health savings account, or health reimbursement account.

No. While we expect to be able to accept Paypal and Electronic Checks in the future, we are unable to do so at this time.

No. DiagnosticWorks schedules its customers with providers who are members of the DiagnosticWorks network. Member Providers, including, but not limited to, radiologists, neurologists, and physiatrists, agree to a set of discounted fees for each diagnostic procedure when they become members of DiagnosticWorks, and DiagnosticWorks keeps an administrative fee out of the total payment received from the Customer.

You should contact the facility at which your service(s) were scheduled and cancel your appointment. Once DiagnosticWorks has verified with the facility that the appointment was cancelled and that no services were rendered, DiagnosticWorks will issue a full refund back to the card which was originally charged.

We are able to schedule you for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT Scan), X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, Sonograms, and Bone Density Scans, along with almost any other diagnostic test.

Customer Visits either on a PC, a Mac, or on their Mobile Phone

    1. Customer Clicks SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT
    2. Customer fills out the initial “Request an Appointment” contact form which includes the following fields:

– First Name
– Last Name
– Email Address
– Contact Phone Number for Scheduling
– Zip Code of Target Location
– Procedure(s) Requested
– How will you be paying? [Drop Down Menu — Credit Card]
– 18 Years of Age Checkbox Confirmation.
– Prescription Requirement Acknowledgment

  1. Customer Receives Confirmation Email that their request for an appointment has been sent to DiagnosticWorks (DW)
  2. DW Call Center Employee Researches for closest DiagnosticWorks member facilities to Zip Code provided by customer.
  3. DW Call Center Employee calls Customer and goes over location options and pricing options.
  4. Once patient agrees to a location and fee, DW Call Center Employee will take the Customer’s payment information and process the payment account for the entire procedure fee in order to verify that the patient has enough funds available to pay for the discounted procedure.
  5. Once Payments are authorized and processed, Customer’s unique one-time DW Account Number is generated. DW provides Customer with the Account #, which Customer provides to the facility at the time of appointment.
  6. DW Call Center Employee initiates 3-Way Scheduling Call with the Facility and schedules appointment.
    • During call, DW gives facility the Account # for billing, and verifies that only the scheduled services will be performed.
  7. DW sends an email confirmation to the Customer with a scheduled Date of Service, along with facility location, facility contact info, Account # Info, and Scheduled Procedure(s).
  8. After Facility performs service(s) on customer, they submit the medical report to DiagnosticWorks via Email or Fax.
    • Facility uses DiagnosticWorks as the carrier on the report, and includes the DW Account # on the report.
  9. After DW receives the medical report, DW electroncially sends the contracted payment amount to the Facility virtually immediately.
  10. DW emails a receipt to the Customer after receiving the medical report from the Facility.


2 weeks after the scheduled appointment date, if DiagnosticWorks (DW) has not received a medical report from the Facility, DW will call to verify that the appointment was executed. If appointment was not met, DW will attempt to call the Customer to reschedule. If an appointment is not met within 30 days of initial scheduled appointment, the funds on the Customer’s credit card/debit card will be refunded back to the Customer’s charged account.